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Get ready to cheer your heart out and elevate your cheerleader-themed celebrations with this cookie cutter that's sure to be a spirited addition to your cookie cutter collection! This cutter is the ultimate choice for crafting irresistible cheerleader-themed cookies that will bring the pep and enthusiasm to any cheer event, from school pep rallies to championship competitions. Its distinctive design is perfect for shaping cookies that pay homage to your passion for cheerleading. Whether you're planning a cheer-themed party, celebrating a successful routine, or just having fun in the kitchen, this cookie cutter is your playbook for creating the perfect cheer-tastic treat!


  • 2 inch
  • 2.5 inch
  • 3 inch
  • 3.5 inch
  • 4 inch


Cookie-cutter sizes are approximate measurements using the largest sides of the cutter images.  If additional sizes are desired, please contact me via email, and we can let you know if that would be possible.


CURRENT PROCESSING TIMES: We will ship the set of cutters (which includes one cutter of each design and size listed) within the timeframe listed on the main cutter page.


All cutters are 3D printed using food-safe PLA plastic. Please use care when washing and storing. Hand-wash only in cool to lukewarm temperatures. Store safely to prevent damage to the cut edge. PROCESSING TIME does NOT include shipping time.

Cheer Skirt One

  • Standard USPS shipping rates apply. International shipping not available at this time. Typical shipping time is 3-5 days, but this time frame contingent upon the USPS delivery processes.  Processing time is not included in shipping time-frame.

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