Printed Cutter Bundles

We believe that your time is valuable and specifically created these bundles of cutters that work well together to make your shopping easier. Our bundle options include cookie cutters from our cutter collections.  The sizes chosen and listed in the item descriptions work well together and are designed to help you create a cohesive cookie set.  These bundles will allow you, the cookie decorator, to present a great cookie package that will wow your customers.  


Each set of 3D printed cutters includes designs and sizes in either the Standard/Classic size (3.5 inches - 4 inches) or our Small/Mini sizes (2 inch-3 inch).   Each listing will have the individual cutter sizing included in the item description.  The cutters from each bundle are also available in multiple size options and can be found in our single cutter collection listings.


Cookie-cutter sizes are approximate measurements using the largest sides of the cutter images.  All cutters are 3D printed using food-safe PLA plastic.  Please use care when washing and storing. Hand-wash only in cool to lukewarm temperatures.  Store safely to prevent damage to the cut edge. 


CURRENT PROCESSING TIME: We will ship the purchased cutters in the time frame listed here. All cutters are 3D printed after the order is received.  Processing times may vary depending on order load and do not include shipping time.  If a quicker turn-around time is desired, please contact us via email to discuss order details.