Frequently asked questions

What is your ordering process?

All ordering is completed via the website product ordering page. Orders are not considered secured until payment is received. After contacting me regarding your order date availability and theme details, you will directed to the shop page to place your order OR sent an invoice by email where you will be directed to securely pay for your order with the available payment options. All emailed invoices must be paid upon receipt in order to secure the order. 2020 ORDERING UPDATE: In an effort to keep dates from getting uncomfortably full, all orders must be approved prior to placing them online. This allows me to guarantee each order receives proper processing time for creative purposes. Refunds needed for unapproved orders will be charged an 8% refund processing fee. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Order pickups will only be available Wednesday - Saturday. If an order is needed for Sunday-Tuesday, please request a Saturday pickup for the week prior.

Can I cancel my order?

Should you need to cancel your order for any reason, please do so no later than 8 days prior to the requested order date. Any order that is canceled due to failure to follow the complete ordering process or as a request of the customer will be charged a 8% cancellation to cover any incurred transaction fees. Payments are only partially refundled at 50% of total cost if the request to cancel is made less than 8 days from the requested order pickup date. Once your order has been received and placed on the calendar, there is a good chance that other orders have been declined as well as supplies obtained to fulfill your order.

Do you do themed character cookies?

If you're looking for character faces or specific character logos, unfortunately I cannot provide those particular detailed designs. While you might see examples from other companies, I have chosen to no longer do character faces in my cookie orders due to the nature of duplicating detailed images as well as the delicate nature of copyright laws. I will, however, match your general theme request with colors and other shapes and items that identify closely with your theme. This makes a lovely cookie order that can perfectly compliment your party decor and theme. NOTE: I also do not directly copy other cookie sets that may be found online or on Pinterest. I can make something inspired by items that you send me, but I do my best work when I'm allowed to creatively pursue your theme request and develop ideas of my own that support the theme you've chosen. I also love to be inspired by party decor and other thematic elements from your party ideas, so send as many images as you can to help me tailor a custom set just for you!

What is your pickup policy?

2020 PICKUP UPDATE: Order pickups will only be available Wednesday - Saturday. If an order is needed for Sunday-Tuesday, please request a Saturday pickup for the week prior. Once your order is completed, you will be notified by email or text to arrange a time between the pickup hours listed below. Please do not consider these times as optional unless you have previously communicated with me prior to your scheduled pickup date. If you are unable to make your scheduled time, you must notify me so that we can try to reschedule and/or make other arrangements for you to receive your order. Note: due to the nature of operating a cottage law business, we are not always available at any time of the day due to varying responsibilities. Porch pickups are available as an option if a time is needed outside of the normal schedule, but must be arranged prior to the day of pickup.

How much lead time do you require for orders?

To ensure that I'm able to accomodate your order, the earlier you can place it, the better chance you have to find a spot on our calendar. We typically fill up our calendar about 3-4 weeks from date. NOTE: Any order placed on the calendar less than a week from date of pickup will incure a 20% rush fee if it can be accomodated.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

All package options have the quantity specifics listed in their product descriptions. Our CLASSIC assorted cookies are sold by the dozen, while our SMALL cookie sets are sold in quantities of 2 dozen. Other cookie packages are available and the minimum requirements are listed with each individual item.

Do you have other flavors other than your Signature Shortbread?

While we absolutely adore the buttery goodness of our signature shortbread, we recognize that you might want to have something with a bit more pizzazz for your special celebration. Here are the other flavors that are offered on a regular basis:

  • Signature Shortbread is our basic vanilla bean butter shortbread with hints of cinnamon and orange zest topped with our signature flavor icing.
  • Lemon Shortbread is our basic butter shortbread with bursts of lemon that is perfectly complemented with our perfectly sweet and tart lemon icing. NOTE: This flavor cannot be combined with other flavors on an individual order as it uses a different icing than the other options and requires separate icing coloring.
  • Confetti Celebration Shortbread* is our signature shortbread with confetti sprinkles along with a touch of almond flavoring paired with our signature flavor icing.
  • Chocolate Chip Shortbread* is a combination of our basic butter shortbread combined with brown sugar and mini chocolate chips and then paired with our signature flavor icing.
  • White Chocolate Strawberry Shortbread* is a perfect blend of strawberries, strawberry flavoring, white chocolate chips and a unique blend of flavor extracts topped with our signature flavor icing.
  • M&M Shortbread* is a combination of our basic butter shortbread combined with brown sugar and mini M&M candy pieces and then paired with our signature flavor icing.
  • Special seasonal flavors are made available during holidays for a limited time only.
*Flavor marked with an asterisk are prone to slight spreading due to the nature of the flavor add-ins that will melt. Due to this factor, please note that while the flavor isn't impacted when cookies spread, the edges might be less than perfect.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept credit card payments via Square as well as PayPal.

Do you ship your cookies?

Unfortunately, per TN State Cottage Law restrictions, order are only available for pickup at the business address listed below.

Why are cookies so expensive?

The answer everyone wants to know is why are your cookies so expensive? Creating adorable decorated cookies is a labor-intensive process that is tailored uniquely for each individual order. Our prices reflect time spent with customer communication regarding each order as well as researching the theme requests and creating custom cutters should they be needed. We also spend many hours mixing the dough and icing (which uses quality ingredients) and each individual icing color. After the dough and icing is made you still have the rolling, cutting, baking, and the many hours spent hand decorating each cookie order. An order of just one dozen cookies can take many hours over a couple of days to complete. Since I am a perfectionist to a fault, each cookie includes details that you don't normally see in your standard run-of-the-mill decorated cookie. My attention to detail truly makes your custom cookie order stand out in a crowd!

Are your cookies allergen free?

My cookies do not typically contain nuts, and while I do my absolute best to keep everything separate, I do work out of my peanut and gluten friendly home kitchen and therefore can not ensure that cookies will be safe to be consued by those with food sensitivies.

What ingredients are in your cookies?

Our Signature Shortbread cookie dough contains the following ingredients:

  • all-purpose flour
  • powedered sugar
  • butter
  • vanilla extract
  • vanilla bean
  • cinnamon
  • orange zest
Our Signature Icing contains the following ingredients:
  • powdered sugar
  • meringue powder
  • cream of tartar
  • glycerin
  • corn syrup
  • clear vanilla extract
  • butter extract
  • imatation almond flavoring
  • fresh lemon juice
Other specialty flavors include various items as listed in the item descriptions.

How long do the cookies stay fresh?

Everything is baked from scratch without artificial perservatives. Decorated cookies should be eaten within two weeks for best flavor, but once the cookies are completely dry and individually heat-sealed, they can last up to 3-4 weeks. If you must store decorated cookies for longer than the recommended 2 weeks, you can freeze them until needed in their indivdually sealed bags. Simply place the cookies upright in an airtight container and place in the freezer. When you're ready to eat the cookies, simply take out the entire container and let it come to room temperature prior to opening the container and/or removing the cookies from their packaging. This usually takes about 2-3 hours and you'll be left with a ready to eat wonderful treat!