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Make it even sweeter with beautifully decorated cookies. At Simply Renee Sweets, we believe that there is nothing more delightful than a delicious cookie cutter creation. We are your go-to source for cookie decorating essentials. We offer a wide variety of cookie cutters, including STL downloads for those with 3D printers, as well as cookie stencils, printables, and monthly subscription kits designed to keep your creativity flowing! Our products help you create stunning cookies with ease. Explore our collections today and take your cookie decorating skills to the next level!

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Hey there! Simply Renee Sweets has become the go-to spot for cookie lovers, featuring a cool variety of unique cookie cutters, STL files for cookie cutters, cookie stencils, and digital downloads for all your cookie packaging needs. The genius behind these awesome creations is our dedicated owner and decorating whiz, Renee Camacho.

So, here's the lowdown on how it all started. We kicked off by handcrafting custom cookies, putting a ton of care into using top-notch ingredients. These mouthwatering treats were all about adding a special touch to life's big moments. Our awesome customers were blown away by the creativity and detailed designs that set our cookies apart. They weren't just a feast for the eyes – the perfect blend of our smooth, buttery shortbread and that oh-so-nice royal icing built a tribe of fans that stuck with us for years. But, you know, the intricate cookie artistry was taking a toll on Renee's hands, leading to a game-changing shift to a cookie cutter-focused venture in 2023.

The idea for our cookie cutter shop sparked from tons of inquiries from other cookie businesses. They were all super excited to get their hands on the imaginative cutters Renee had initially designed for her custom cookie sets. Fast forward to today, she's sharing her craft by offering her meticulously designed custom cookie cutters and STL cookie cutter files, injecting her unique style and dedication to precision into the decorated cookie scene.

With this cool new venture, Renee hopes to help fellow entrepreneurs spend more time doing what they love – creating deliciously beautiful cookies that add sweetness to life. Welcome to a world where cookies aren't just a snack, but a true work of art. And that's how it all began!

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How it all began...


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